Our Story

Our story

Komunitea was born from Ed’s passion for tasty kombucha, and the realisation that delicious and home-brewed drinks should be shared and enjoyed throughout a community.

It all started back in 2013 when Ed fell in love with the fermented tea while living Down Under. Kombucha is to Aussies what tea is to the English, and Ed was keen to bring this new-found delight to his home of North Devon. He started brewing in a glorified jam jar and dished out bottles of his home-brew to friends, who were desperate for more…

Fast forward a few years, and not much has changed! Only, instead of an old jam jar, it’s some pretty high-tech mixing gear. And, instead of brewing for his friendship group, it’s one big ole’ community.

Komunitea kombucha is more than a drink. It’s a platform for the community to share positive updates and happenings. The ingredients are organic, fair trade, and locally sourced, plus the bottle deposit scheme means you can be kind to the environment, as well as yourself.

Our process

When we brew Komunitea kombucha, we only select the finest tea leaves. This is paramount for the quality of the brew because the tea feeds the SCOBY. Think of it like the food you give to yourself. The higher the quality, the better you feel, and brewing kombucha is no different.

After the first fermentation, we give a little taste test, and only when we’re satisfied will the second fermentation begin. This process takes a lot more time, and it’s where a lot of the magic happens. Finally, we keg the fermented tea, add the natural flavourings, and cut the air supply. At this stage there’s just the right amount of sugar remaining in the brew to naturally carbonate the kombucha.

Once we’re happy with the balance of flavour and fizz, we refrigerate the kombucha and it’s ready for bottling. This entire process takes around two weeks but it’s krafted with kindness from day one.

Our bottle deposit scheme

If there’s one thing that we know is evil; it’s plastic. It’s single use, expensive to recycle, extremely harmful to our environment and in many cases, it’s totally unnecessary. That’s why we are proud to operate a bottle deposit scheme. Here’s how it works:

Pay an additional £2 for a Komunitea glass bottle when you purchase your kombucha.

Refill your bottle with tasty kombucha at our refill stations. 

CLICK HERE to see a map view of the refill stations.

GET IN TOUCH to find out more about the delivery service.

If – for some crazy reason – you wish to stop purchasing Komunitea kombucha, return your bottles and receive £2 for each one. That bottle will then continue its life cycle in a new home, and everyone’s happy.

It’s that simple

It’s super important that all the bottles are returned so we can continue to re-use them for future customers, and keep our packaging and impact on the planet as low as possible. 

Kind to you, your wallet, and mother nature. #winning.